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Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of the Schiffahrt Ratzeburger See

(As of March 1st, 2018) The transport fee to be paid to Schiffahrt Ratzeburger See must be paid at the advance booking office or on board before starting the journey.
After a written confirmation has been sent by Schiffahrt Ratzeburger See or after an explicit verbal agreement, a contract of carriage is deemed to have been concluded.
Schiffahrt Ratzeburger See can withdraw from the transport contract before the start of the journey if the execution of the journey is made difficult, endangered or impaired as a result of extraordinary circumstances that were not foreseeable when the contract was concluded, such as significant weather conditions, average or technical defects on the ship. Claims for reimbursement or compensation are excluded in such cases.
For trips offered in addition to the timetable (special trips in the main season and additional trips in the pre- and post-season), the minimum number of participants is 30 people. If less than 30 people are present for a voyage, the ship's command will in any case decide on the conduct of the voyage.
The instructions of the ship's personnel must be followed. There is no entitlement to certain contiguous places. However, the ship's staff is entitled to assign seats.
Vouchers of all kinds are always valid for the period listed. A cash payment is excluded; the management decides on an extension in any case.
Tickets that have been redeemed cannot be refunded if the journey is not started. This also applies to group trips when the number of people in the group tickets purchased in advance is reduced.
Trip interruptions are only possible on the day of the ticket purchase within the timetable. Refunds for routes not traveled is not possible.
The supervision of children is the responsibility of the legal guardian or, in the case of group trips, the accompanying person. In particular, you must ensure that the safety of the children or other passengers is not endangered by the behavior of the children or that the stay on board is not impaired. The passenger who caused the damage is liable for damage to the ship, the furnishings and the inventory In the case of ship rentals, the renter may also be liable.
Bicycles are transported within the scope of the available possibilities of the passenger ships. The transport of bicycles, bicycle trailers and handcarts is chargeable according to the price table. There is no entitlement to transport. The decision on this is made by the skipper in any case. Strollers and wheelchairs are carried free of charge.

Dogs are to be kept on a short leash. Dangerous dogs must wear a muzzle.
The transport fee for dogs is to be paid according to the price table.
Guide dogs are transported free of charge.
Dogs that have swam in the lake before the start of the journey are not permitted on board the ship. It is not permitted to consume food and drinks brought along on board the ships.
Schiffahrt Ratzeburger See does not use public transport in the sense of the law on the free transport of severely disabled people. Discounts can neither be granted for the severely disabled nor for accompanying persons.
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