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We offer various group offers for groups of 10 or more. These always include a tour with our ship. Please understand that these group offers are only possible after booking in advance (either by phone or e-mail). The exact number of people must be given 2 days in advance. All prices quoted here include shipping and are per person. The group place settings are settled with us. We look forward to your visit.
Round trip including "BOOTSMANNSMAHL" (from 10 people)€ 31,90 p. P
Sliced turkey in mushroom cream sauce with rice
Round trip including "KADETTENSCHMAUS" (from 10 people)€ 26,50 p. P
Pea soup with Viennese sausage
Round trip including "PIRATE PLATE" (seasonal) (from 10 people)€ 32,90 p. P
Freshly smoked vendace from the Jobmann fishery with potato salad
Round trip including COFFEE PLATE "DOMSEE" (from 10 people)€ 24,90 p. P
1 piece of fruit cake, 2 cups of coffee / tea
Round trip incl. COFFEE PLATE "KÜCHENSEE" (from 10 people)€ 25,90 p. P
1 piece of cream cake, 2 cups of coffee / tea
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