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What does the world cost - our prices

With our shipping company in beautiful Ratzeburg, we try to offer you a great time at sea as competitively and sustainably as possible. So please understand that we have to charge extra for dogs, bicycles, bicycle trailers and handcarts. The prices for this as well as our regular fare can be found below. Furthermore, it should be understandable that the transport of bicycles on our part is limited, so you should register a bicycle group of 10 people or more with us in advance.

Birthday children travel with us for free on their special day, all you have to do is show your ID before buying your ticket.
€ 9,- Children (4-14 years)
€ 4,- Children (4-14 years)
€ 7,50 Children (4-14 years)
Dogs€ 1,50

Prices for stopover

!!! NOTICE !!! Unfortunately, in strong winds of force 5 and above, we can no longer dock for you in Bäk!

We thank you for your understanding.


Ship'n'Bike Schifffahrt Ratzeburg
Do you want to take your bike with you? No problem! You can take your bike on board for an extra € 3 on top of your regular fare. Your bike trailer comes with you for an extra 5 euros. The transport price for bicycles and trailers must be calculated per entry. Unfortunately, cargo bikes and tandems have to stay on land.
Bicycles (no recumbent or cargo bikes or tandems)€ 3,00 (per entry)
Bicycle trailers and handcarts€ 5,00 (per entry)
All prices include 7% VAT (except for charter and special trips)

It's nicer together

Regardless of the possibility of charter our ship for your event or celebration, we have also group offers. You can find it here.
Schiffahrt Ratzeburg

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